A proposed, unofficial soundtrack album for the film "A Sweeter Song" aka "Snapshot" (1976) reconstructed from existing tracks, with archived photographs, tributes by video artists Linda Scott & Jon Noel Shelton, and scenes from the movie...

Track Listing:.1.Overture (Snapshot Remix) 0:01
2. Isn't It Funny 1:41 3. Thief 4:25 4. Sweeter Song 6:23
5. Catching Up 9:24 6. Did Not Know 11:37
7.Pay (aka Fools Gold) 14:12 8.What's So Special 16:44
9. Actor 20:33 10. Oh You 22:45

songs from the album "Sweeter Song" by Jove

note: a rare, alternate version of "Isn't It Funny" can be heard in the movie. It can also be heard in my video "Trailer Trip #1: A Sweeter Song Revisited or 15 Minutes of Snapshot", along with an alternate version of "Sweeter Song", and an alternate mix of "Oh You" .-JNS

edit: JNS / thanks 2: Lili Haydn, Gus Peters & Linda Scott / ghosttowntheater.com