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"New Wave Theatre" was originally broadcast on UHF Channel 18 in Los Angeles. It was picked up nationally

by the USA cable network as part of the early '80's late night variety program "Night Flight". The weekend broadcast

raised awareness about alternative music featuring many of the independent artists M-TV ignored in favor of more

commercial fare. The focus of "New Wave Theatre" centered on the emerging new-wave and punk scenes. The show

gave a stage to some upcoming music acts, and even unsigned artists. These included such influential rockers as Bad Religion,

The Circle Jerks, The Dead Kennedys, 45 Grave, Unit 3 & Venus, -to name but a few. Its host was the late indy recording

artist Peter Ivers.



Peter Ivers


Circle Jerks




The Rayonics



Chris Genkle



Levi Dexter & The Tribe



Surf Raiders


45 Grave





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Peter Ivers Host

David Jove Producer