Celebrating the 35th anniversary of the classic North American independent feature film from 1976. Starring Jim Henshaw & featuring music by JOVE.

This was transferred from a vhs tape. Hopefully, the film will soon be officially made available on Blue-ray dvd, with a music only track, and a soundtrack cd.

I've completely reconstructed the movie in the editing process, out of respect for the original, which has a dreamlike quality that I want to retain...

Thanks to Billy A. Deeky, and ZAQB.

For Lili, fans of Jove, and the movie "A Sweeter Song" aka "Snapshot"

Note: contains adult content. Quote: "It's a Canadian film, so it probably won't play for more than a week".

-Jim Henshaw as Cory Doyle

New edit by J.N.S / Noel Art & Media Ltd. '11